Thanks for visiting my site and hope you enjoy it.  We are here as gamers for the gamers.  I started playing games 23 years ago and never could stop.  I believe the rush of the game is why we continue to play.  That's why we are called Game Rush.  We want to be the center of gaming industry from new and reviews to montages and insane gaming clips.  We have a long way to go to get where I want to be and cant do it with out you. 
        Play the game capture your rush and let us show it for you.  We will primarily use our YouTube account for our videos, but we will link them in our sight for easy reference.  If you have visited this site before you will notice a huge change.  We will no longer be running 30 minute episodes like we thought we would be.  Instead we are going to post several smaller videos to be sweet and to the point, and from the sounds of it, this is what you want. 
        Visit our Rush Community like our Facebook and be part of a show that will revolutionize the gaming industry, where our goal is to bring the gaming community closer.
        We have had a copy of our Facebook so if it doesn't have our copyrighted logo, it's not ours. Also check out our newest short film
using some unique games.  Can you name them all?